Hello, I'm Haily. I'm 22 from Michigan.
I enjoy words, adventure, music, tattoos, art, conversation, and nature.
Taken by the woman of my dreams😍

My cats are the center of my world.
I let the Universe guide me.


This is my best friend.

We’ve been friends our entire highschool years.  She goes to school in Seattle, Washington.  Far away from Michigan.  All the way across the country, actually.  This fall is her third year.  She only comes home twice a year: Christmas and Summer.  Unfortunately, she did not come home this summer.  So, I have not seen her since Christmas.  (If you couldn’t tell. All of the pictures are with my long hair) She’s the one that got me into adventuring, we’re ‘adventure buddies’. One day soon, If I have the money, I’m going to fly out to Seattle to visit her.  She plans on living out there once she graduates.  I just, really miss her, you know? :(

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